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In Store at QV

Thank you so much for choosing to shop with us at our very first pop-up shop! 
Our commitment to slow and sustainable fashion has led us to work with smaller indie artists, order our prints in small batches from a sustainability-focused printing business, and then print them in-house right here in Melbourne as the orders come in.

More Work? Sure.

But that’s the least we can do as we work towards being a completely sustainable clothing label that celebrates all things 90’s, gaming, and pop culture so that future generations can enjoy it too!

How does all this work? 

Step 1: Pick your garment! choose whatever type of product you want - shirt, shorts, fleece, it's all good. 

Step 2: Once there, you can pick both the design that you want and from there, an applicable area.

Step 3: Make payment. It's that simple! Once your order has been placed, one of the awesome people in-store will print it on the spot for you! OR, if you're in a rush or want to come back later, just let us know and we'll set it aside for you!


For example, if you choose a T-Shirt in black, you can then choose our super rad "Aqua Trash 90's Kid" Logo and have it placed anywhere from the breast pocket to a full back print! 


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