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The first in our Indie Artist Collab Collective range, within this collection you will find two designs over multiple items.

'Sugar Rush' and 'Boo Boo UwU' are designs that Cottonffish and Samurai Punk collaborated on to create a playful take on modern day issues, all in the incredible anime/manga UwU stylisation that Cottonffish has honed her skills in.

Who is Cottonffish?

Cottonffish is a multidisciplinary artist. She is dedicated to oil paintings, toy art, sculpture, illustration, comics and now she's starting in the world of tattoos and fan art. 

In this new facet Cottonffish shows it's more energetic and dynamic illustrations, adapting to the ideas of it's clients and interpreting them with this new style that she has developed, achieving fun and original results.

Cottonffish's work is heavily influenced by the culture surrounding the art of manga and comics, anime and action figures. Concert posters and album covers, surreal pop art and lowbrow. All that mixing with the trends of her young generation and the most popular movements on social media.

You can find her latest work on instagram @cottonffish and @terrorgarden

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All produced by Pinny Arcade, these pins belong to various Australian Game Developers or Non-Profits. Due to the limited nature of this pins, they will all ship from Australia and therefore have increased shipping rates.

By buying these pins, you are helping to support Samurai Punk as well as the individual companies who are participating :)

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Welcome to Samurai Punk's Sale floor of all things pretty, enjoy your stay here and don't forget to exit through the gift shop. 

So go on, treat yourself, buy yourself or loved ones a little something, something to say how awesome you/they are!

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Samurai Punk

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